Our Family Farm



Inspired by Partnership

Mainland Farms is the culmination of a long friendship and professional partnership. The farms were cultivated in 2011 over a common interest in agriculture and a mutual love for the natural beauty of Zamora, Mexico (located in the verdant state of Michoacán). With over 20 years of combined experience in agriculture, Mainland Farms has rapidly become one of North America’s premier berry growers.


Our Quality Policy

Mainland Farms is committed to the highest standards of cultivation and distribution of Mainland product. Our quality policy is manifested in a strong commitment to our customers’ and growers’ requirements and expectations in regards to the cultivation, packaging and exportation of fresh berries. We pledge to cultivate a company founded on the pillars of product quality, food safety and social responsibility; to promote a culture based on the principles of honesty, integrity and leadership; and to establish operations committed to the continuous improvement of our daily practices, safety and employee development.


Our Home

The lush, sunny
fields of Michoacán

Mainland Farms established their roots in the fertile soils of Michoacán, Mexico. The mild, temperate climate; abundant, clean water; and rich, productive terrain are the foundation for Mainland’s success. Michoacán’s vast natural resources infused with plentiful sunshine are ideal for cultivating beautiful, flavorful berries.

Our Inspiration

Fresh & Flavorful Berries

Mainland Farms specializes in the cultivation of delicious strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. We seek out the sweetest, juiciest and most aromatic varieties that love to grow in our extraordinary terrain. In 2016, we will cultivate over 3000 acres of berries for the North American retail markets; all audited under stringent, international food safety standards. You can find our berries in the Red Blossom label throughout the United States and Canada.

Our Partnership

Red Blossom

Mainland Farms & Red Blossom:
a fresh commitment

Mainland Farms and Red Blossom combine experience, talent and resources to provide a continuous supply of premium berries year-round. We have a shared philosophy of producing the most flavorful varieties, with only the freshest, healthiest cultivation practices. It’s a dynamic collaboration that delivers sweet, delicious berries to those that love them throughout North America.